Gisele in action
Here are some videos of our little pumpkins. For all the sad sad people with dial-up modems, be warned that these are large files. But they are well worth your time.

New! New!

Vaughn in a walker, 3.5 months
9 MB

Malcolm teething in a walker, 3.5 months
8 MB

Old! Old!

Malcolm and Vaughn 5 weeks, March 2008
5.4 MB

Pretty Prince, February 2008
2.34 MB

Malcolm and Vaughn, 3 weeks
1.82 MB

Old! Old!

George hitting a golf ball

4 KB

2.2 MB
2.5 years
Here is Gisele at her water table being silly and making up words.

1.7 MB
2.5 years
This is a page from one of Gisele's books that she's memorized. Here's the translation: Mama and papa and I live in a tiny house with a garden around it. The house is far away from everything and no one lives nearby. A Narrow lane passes by our house and at the end of that lane is a town. And papa is a gardener. Every wednesday and saturday he drives into that town to sell vegetables and fruit at the market.

1.6 MB
24 months

1 MB
24 months
Translation: Dr. Foster went to Gloucester in a shower of rain
He stepped in a puddle right up to his middle
and never went there again.

Baby dance
2.5 MB
19 months

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