Twins!In the spring of 2007, Janine conceived twin boys. It's sure to be a bumpy ride and I'll try to give all the details that you don't want to know.

Lac Lu 2004Seven members of the Gillot/Smith households journeyed to Ontario to gorge themselves on vinegared "chips".

The American DreamRenters no more! Take that you soulless landlords! As of March 26, 2004 Nels' hard-earned money will no longer fund Dan Liewer's trips to China.

Love in the WildsProving once and for all that an unequal relationship between a boss and her underling can lead to success, Dawn Chávez and Andrew Rabin marry in the Berkshires.

The Perfect One has arrived!Baby Gisele is a land creature at long last. She was born April 8th, 2003 at Mercy hospital, in the heart of Hillcrest.

The Early Bird Gets the MilkLike an escaped convict racing to the border, Annick's baby made a speedy entrance to this world.

Extra! Extra! Janine and Annick Both Pregnant!In July of 2002, Janine and Annick became pregnant within weeks of each other. Janine is due April 7th, Annick April 9th. Follow the growth of weiner's baby!

The marriage of Mei Mei and ShunAfter more than a decade of dating, Mei Mei Lee and Shun Tse tie the knot at Brooklyn's GrandProspect Hall. Take a look!

Camille and Jose marry!On June 15, 2002, Camille Leon and Jose Gonzalez married after a long courtship. See the pictures here!

Hillcrest!This spring, I, Nels, and the critters moved back to the Hillcrest area. Take a look at our new digs.

Baby GeorgeThis is the story of Annick and Mike's baby, George, from his inception to the present day. Look at Noodle's stomach grow!

Ithaca InvasionLike termites pupating en masse, Cornell alumni swarmed to Ithaca and left a path of destruction in their wake.

Red hot passions re-ignite!Xiao Qin slums it in Redwood City for Thanksgiving 2000. Read about her fiendish raspberry jam addiction.

Sue's 50th Birthday bash, an uncensored look.On November 11th, 2000, Sue Gillot threw herself a grand birthday party. 70 people came to gawk. Have a look. You know you want to.   

College chums meet again.The new year has brought the opportunity for me to get together with some college buddies.  See how well time has treated them.


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