2 Months

Vaughn, Gisele and Malcolm

These two months have flown by incredibly smoothly. For the first few weeks or so our neighbor, Dee, rallied our other neighbors to make meals for us. My mom took off work for the first month and a half and helped out a lot with Gisele and the babies. We were all waiting for hell to break loose once the babies found their voices, but it never came to pass. To our surprise and delight, the babies are easy-going and hardly cry at all. We are so battle-scarred from Gisele's infancy that these twins seem a breeze compared to the way she was.

Malcolm & Vaughn, Malcolm having tummy time

First, some statistics. At the babies' 2 month check-up, they were declared to be "perfect". Malcolm weighed 12 pounds 5 ounces and was 23.5" long, and Vaughn weighed 11 pounds 14 ounces and was also 23.5" long. So Malcolm was in the 75th percentile for weight, length, and head circumference, and Vaughn was 75th for length and head, but 50th for weight. This is great considering that they were 3 weeks early and these charts are based on full term babies. So far they are both 100% breastfed. People always think they're making a joke when they ask if I feed both at once, but I often feed them at the same time. I'd be nursing 24/7 if I only nursed them one at a time.

And we are cloth diapering as planned. It's fun! Really! I wash the diapers and covers every other day. I mainly use conventional flat prefolds with velcro covers, but sometimes I use the fancier "Fuzzibunz", and sometimes I use one of the merino wool covers that I knitted. They are very soft and not scratchy, I promise.

Malcolm and Vaughn hyperventilating

Why are Malcolm and Vaughn such great babies? They let me sleep at night. The three of us share a queen sized bed (Nels and Gisele are in a full in the other bedroom) with me in the middle and a baby on either side. Around 8pm they fall asleep on the nursing pillow while I'm in the living room. When I take them into the bedroom and lay them down, they sleep until at least midnight, and then wake up once more around 4am. They wake up, nurse, and fall right back to sleep. Gisele was a stern taskmaster and never let me get away with such laziness-- I had to pace around with her for at least 30 minutes to get her back to sleep. The only time that it gets a bit hairy is when both are crying to be fed at the same time. I'll lie on my side and feed Malcolm, and at the same time I'll have Vaughn up on my side and I'll have to position his wobbly head right above my nipple. It doesn't usually work very well, unfortunately.

Everyone always asks Gisele how she likes being a big sister. They ask her what she thinks of her little brothers.The truth is, Gisele doesn't want to talk about them; she's weary of them and wants to talk about herself. That's just a hint for those of you we encounter day to day. She is adjusting better lately, though, and is having fewer tantrums. Recently, she learned to tell the babies apart from one another and is very proud of that feat and happy to explain to people how she does it. Gisele does take delight in the babies sometimes. She likes to laugh at their facial expressions and shake their hands. Gisele also likes to copy what I do. So we'll pretend that she's grown-up Gisele with her baby, and I'm grown-up Anne with my babies. She pretends to nurse her, put her in a car seat, give her tummy time, etc.

Naptime with Malcolm

Malcolm is a very serious baby. He usually has a slightly furrowed look to his brows. It has taken him a bit longer to smile than it has Vaughn, and he went about it awkwardly, with just half of his mouth participating. He is generally very patient, and will tolerate not being held while I'm doing something better than Vaughn will. I can't carry them both at the same time, so I trade them off, holding one until the abandoned one gets upset. I feel bad that it has to be this way, because I was able to carry Gisele around all the time.

Malcolm has a nickname, it's Mr. Gassy. Because his nursing technique isn't as graceful as Vaughn's is, he swallows a lot of air as he nurses. This causes him to fuss, and then to burp out large gas bubbles when lifted upright. Vaughn has a nickname, too. It's Mr. Spitty. He spits up on my shirts all day long, and I wonder if it's keeping him from his weight gain potential.


Vaughn makes me laugh all the time. His face is constantly changing expressions, most of them comical. His head control isn't as good as Malcolm's, so it bobs arounds wildly while making funny faces. There's even something funny about the way he cries. It's hard to explain, and it makes me sound callous, so we'll leave it at that.

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