Sorry boys, but Dawn is off the market! On October 18th, 2003, Dawn and Andrew tied the knot in front of a select group of friends and family. In an effort to weed out the looky-loos from the sincere, Dawn and Andrew set the ceremony in the Berkshires at the end of a web of windy country roads. Successful guests gathered in front of a pond in 45 degree weather to witness the event.

from the woodsveil

XQ and GiseleFor reknowned globe-trotter Xiaoqin, the wedding in Otis provided no challenge to locate. The challenge came in parking her car and in arriving on time. XQ somehow managed to strand her car over a large rock while parking. Fortunately, Luke saved the day with his ape-like strength and fancy steering maneuvers. XQ's lateness problem was solved by certain members of Dawn's wedding party who caused the ceremony to start over half an hour late.

J-9 and GiseleBecause of a certain 6 month old who accompanied me to Massachusetts, I missed huge portions of the wedding festivities. So this account of the event may be crippled by it's lack of detail. All I remember is Dawn looking exquisite as she floated around in her frothy dress. I also heard tell of her snapping unromantically at Andrew when he didn't make a decision quickly enough. Ah, the first taste of married life.

Jon and JenMei Mei

luvMei Mei played an important role on this very special day. She was a level-headed bridesmaid who hurried the more sluggish members of the bridal party along. Her husband Shun helped us navigate our way to the cunningly hidden rehearsal dinner the night before. Jon Reichard emerged from obscurity with his girlfriend Jen, and Josiah also came to wish the lovebirds well. A good time was had by all except that pesky baby o' mine, whose energetic screeching and thrashing served as a reminder to all to use prophylactics.

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