Mei Mei and Shun have been sweethearts since high school. Hordes of people came to Brooklyn to witness this long-awaited event and to boogie til midnight.

The ceremony took place in a glass conservatory next to the main hall. We had extra time to chitchat with friends due to a mishap with a bridesmaid's dress.

The couple wrote their own vows, the most peculiar of which was Shun's vow to be Mei Mei's bottle of spicy hot sauce. Perhaps he didn't know what he was promising, because anyone who's watched Mei Mei cook knows of her addiction to hot sauce.

Mei Mei and Shun prance around the ballroom as husband and wife. Doesn't Shun look surprised?

Ranida and Luke share a touching moment on the dance floor while Xiao Qin ponders her salad.

The couple of the hour gets frisky.

Bridesmaid, Dawn, busses Janine on the cheek. Weddings can bring out unexpected romance.

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