food Xiao Qin honored weiner and Nels with a holiday visit recently. She was able to forego the Butterball turkey and instead made the Chinese answer to tofurkey: vegetarian goose. Here you can see XQ spreading her secret sauce on sheets of soy wrappers. The sheets are then folded, stacked, and boiled for many hours. Although I complained about my electricity bill, XQ was as inflexible as Chairman Mao that these little geese were cooked correctly.

wineries Boozin' it up just like the old days. Seen above is Miss Lu standing in front of a winery cave in the Sonoma valley. It was a chilly monday afternoon, but that was all the better as we were able to visit 8 wineries in just a few hours. Oh yeah, I was driving. And although I once left my headlights on in the parking lot while we were tasting, I assure you all my faculties were up to speed. Dr. Lu thought I was buzzed, but since we're both still alive the point is moot. While I cultivated a taste for the reds, XQ declared them yucky and stuck to the sweet whites. In the end I bought an orange muscat and XQ bought a port.

thanksgiving Xiao Qin was a very easy houseguest. She slept a lot, loved watching tv, and ate amazing amounts of jam on her bagels. At first, she needed to decompress from med school, but after a couple days we left the apartment and visited Chinatown in Oakland, Berkeley, Frisco itself, and Sonoma. Now that XQ's trip is over, all I'm left with are the sweet memories of her free medical advice and on demand breast exams.

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