Ah, Canada. Your clean air and verdant vistas beckon me. Your geo-political lethargy and funny accents are a breath of fresh air. This July of 2004, the Gillot/Smith household made a pilgrimage to "America Jr." to purify ourselves in the waters of Lac Lu. Missing were Pere Gillot and Nels, both of whom stayed home to pay for our frolics and jollifications. Seen below is a group of proud Canadians.


old Seen at left is the old guard. There's Auntie Pat, Susie Q, and Auntie Mary. They are posing next to the maple tree planted in Auntie Anne's memory.

country club Gisele had a great time. She was surrounded by little kids and lots of toys. Here she is playing with George's golf club. One sad result of the trip is that Gisele has become wary of other kids stealing her toys. When an adversary approaches, she starts shrieking and slapping their hands away.

Prices Uncle harry is a very important person. It is through his parents that this prime real estate landed in his lap. Next to Uncle Harry is Kelly's youngest, Reanne, and next to her are Tamara and her youngest, Madison.

speed demon demon
The rental van became a major source of entertainment to the kiddies. They very often insisted on playing in it, and we were usually happy to oblige as it was a great baby container. Anne's precociousness was on full display as she inserted a key into the ignition and said "go go". Gisele had trouble navigating the front seat.

parade What you see here is an idea that got out of hand. When George came to the full realization that he was Canadian, he showed such flag-waving zeal that Annick suggested organizing a Canada parade. Tamara oversaw the construction of noise-makers and George helped to make a sign that informed everyone that a parade would be happening. In spite of the preparations, only 3 people were there to see the parade.

strawberry fields tattoo
The Smith family poses in Uncle Earnie's wild tick fields, I mean, wild strawberry fields. I think we all were unlucky enough to find ticks upon us after berry picking.

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