7 Years!

It is autumn 2010, and our eldest, Gisele, is growing by leaps and bounds. She's 7 and a half, in second grade, and wears a size 4 shoe. She can read at a fifth grade level! She babysits either Malcolm or Vaughn in the evening while the other one of them is being put to sleep by me. She has an email address! She was "Student of the Month" at school for being kind and caring. She wears size 9 clothes and is 54" tall! And she's still mostly vegan!

In Gisele's off-time, she has one main focus: Legos. She divides her Lego time between the coffee table in the living room that is covered in a sprawling Lego City, the town of the toddler Duplo legos that she uses, and the precious Harry Potter Lego set that she keeps in her room away from Malcolm and Vaughn. In Lego City she has a 2 story house for her character, Bill. Bill has glasses and always wears the same striped shirt. Bill is on his third marriage now. He was once married to my character, Amber, but we grew apart because I didn't play often enough. I also found it creepy that in the courtship stage, Bill put a window in opposite to mine so that he could look into Amber's house.

Malcolm and Vaughn have followed Gisele's lead and have characters, too. They like to come right into Gisele's Lego house without knocking, and she gets quite bent out of shape about this. She'll say, "Vaughn! You have to knock first!". Or, "Malcolm, I'm not in my house. You can't come in!". I try to remind her that they're only 2, but she's very particular. She can be very helpful, though. She's made vehicles for Malcolm and Vaughn many times.

Second grade seems to be fun for Gisele. This year, Anne and George are going to her school, and Auntie Noodle even works there, too! At recess she plays with Anne most often, and they do strange things like have pretend Early Human classes for each other where they earn imaginary badges. At lunch, kids beg Gisele for her nori (dried seaweed), and she doles it out to them in pieces.

In class, Gisele seems to suffer the same fate as every "good girl", which is to be seated next to the class "bad boy". It can't be a coincidence that she always has the disruptive, chatty boys placed next to her. In theory, it should help the bad boy to behave better, but in my experience, it also leads to the good girl developing a taste for the bad boys, and that's bad.

Which ingredients go into making a Gisele? In the morning she eats dry Cheerios with a glass of almond milk. Lunch is a chocolate soy milk, nori, carrots, and nut mix (cashews, raisins, chocolate chips). Afternoon snack is more nut mix. Dinner is plain pasta, corn, beans, nori, and fruit. Evening snack is a vitamin, mushroom, and more nut mix! She is still extremely picky in her food, but she wishes that she weren't. She really wants to like more foods, but can't.

And now, for a story written by Gisele. It was inspired by the Phantom of the Opera (she loves the music), and is titled: "The Phantom in the Basement"

"Kristine do you like your new house?"


"I'll help you move in".


"But don't go down to the basement because it's haunted!"

"Do you mean like the Phantom of the Opera?"

"They say it's worse down there, so always keep the door locked. Well, good bye. I hope you don't have any problems with the basement".

Kristine looked at the door to the basement. She ran over and locked it but it had already been locked, and that meant it was unlocked now! Kristine didn't know that, though. That night the Phantom of the Basement got out and took Kristine down to his home in the basement!

"Help!" cried Kristine when she realized that she was in the basement. Then the Phantom of the Basement started to talk.

"You're the one who my best friend loved aren't you?"


"Well, where is he?"

"I don't know"

The basement really is haunted! This must be the Phantom of the Basement, thought Kristine.

"Now do you want to see my friend who helped to get you down here? This is Mugie."

Kristene looked, and through the wall came a ghost!But Kristine could not get out.

Fortunately, her neighbor decided to check on her because he had not seen her in a while. She didn't answer the door, so he checked the basement door. It was unlocked! He ran in and took her to his house to live there.

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