2 Good 2 B True
First things first: we like her now! No longer does Gisele cry irrationally for long periods of time; now she has a reason for her tears. This means that I can usually stop the crying by giving her what she needs, which is invariabley sleep. Sleep is still the most tiresome aspect of mothering Gisele. During the day she still needs to sleep on my lap in order to stay asleep for more than 10 minutes. So I don't even have her nap time to catch up on chores. But once I learned to embrace this new, servile lifestyle I was much happier. I've never read so many trashy novels in such a short period of time.

A Day in the Life of a Barnacle
Gisele sleeps through the night, adhering herself to my side. When awake, she is no less barnacle-like. I can put her down to play for 5-10 minutes at a time before she starts crying to be held. Usually she'll stare at me from the floor until she catches my eye, at which point she'll desperately wave her arms around until I pick her up. It makes life highly inconvenient, and the result is that I haven't vacuumed for about a month. But so long as she's held, Gisele is a happy baby. She also has a marked preference for being outdoors, unlike her molish parents. We take walks in the stroller and very often sit on our neighbors' lawn (we have none of our own). I use Gisele as my bait to catch would-be conversationalists on the sidewalk. One admirer said, "Hey, big fella!", another, "She looks just like a doll".

Miracle Grow
Gisele is still growing like it's going out of style. She weighs in at 23 pounds and is 29" long. Recently at Whole Foods a little girl noticed Gisele's fatness. She said, "Mommy, that baby's fat!". So, I made light of it since it was obvious that I had heard her by saying, "Yes, she loves to eat". Then she said, "Mommy, look at her chins", and then "Why's she so fat, mommy?" The mother looked highly uncomfortable, but Gisele didn't seem self conscious at all. I heard the youngster a couple of aisles over continuing to pepper her mom with questions about the fat baby.

Besides her girth, Gisele has made dental progress. She now has two lower teeth. Fortunately, the teeth are still short and haven't injured the milk truck. Strangely enough, Gisele still has no interest in people food. We've tried rice cereal and bananas, but she spits it out. She doesn't really "need" any food other than breastmilk for a while yet, so we won't push it.

Cousin Connection
Up in Carlsbad, the cousins are thriving. Anne hasn't caught up to Gisele in terms of size or teeth, but she's close to crawling! Gisele stands better and may skip the crawling stage alltogether (a developmental pattern shared by criminals, Nana has read). Anne eats solids now, but Annick has to keep a close eye on her because of her insatiable appetite for paper. Anne becomes giddy when she lays her hands on paper products, and Annick is fearful of bringing Anne to Nana's house where magazines litter the carpet. Anne also has a habit of quizzically raising one eyebrow. It's as if she were a hardened rake regarding a fetching bluestocking who was firmly on the shelf (Regency romance readers-- you know what I mean).

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