Almost a Good Baby
The colic beast has slithered out of our lives, and left behind a pretty good baby. She's no "Anne", but Gisele is much more content these days. We're falling into a routine of a long nap in the morning followed by one or two short ones in the afternoon. She still needs to be rocked in order to fall asleep (oh my aching back), and she still needs to nap on my lap to keep from waking up every 5 minutes, but she doesn't cry for hours on end at night anymore. I think we just may keep her after all.

Okay, let's not sugar coat this. She's fat. People on the street are commenting. An elderly lady recently squeezed her thigh and said "That's what I like; a fat baby". I don't quite know how it happened, but Gisele's weight has sky-rocketed over the past 2 months. The chart below highlights in pale pink the weights of babies falling within the 3rd through 97th percentile. As you can see, Gisele has broken through that barrier and is flying high above the stratosphere. I'm not exactly sure how often she eats, but I do use nursing as a tool to get her to sleep, and she's almost always in the process of going to sleep. The good news is that she is also very long: 26 3/4". The doctor told us that her size is an indication of prenatal nutrition (yay, Janine!), but that pretty soon genetics will kick in and that will determine her size. She's still exclusively breastfed, but in a couple months we'll start her on rice cereal.

Fun around the house
Gisele still sleeps a lot, but there are brief periods during the day when she plays. She likes to grab and hit her toys in a rather aggressive manner. She's also practicing new sounds. Her latest discovery is the thrill of screaming. She methodically screams when she's lying on her changing table or playing with toys. She also likes to stand while being supported under her arms. Nels is convinced that she said "angry" the other day. It would be so fitting...

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