A lazy, pictorial look

Gisele has come up with an invention: a bicyle roof. Nels' friend, Damien, rides his bike to work and sometimes Nels has to give him a ride when it rains. So Gisele excitedly told Nels about her idea for a bicyle roof made of cardboard that would keep the rain out. Then she kept reminding Nels to tell Damien about it.

Here we are on an old steam train in Poway

Here's something silly Gisele told me. After going to the bathroom she said, "Tinkerbell was in my bum, and she cast a spell which made me pee. She flew in the window while I was playing and she flew right into my bum."

Gisele loves to identify rhymes when she hears them, and she likes to make them up, to. Here's one she intentionally came up with: "Squishy the mermaid was so surprised that she threw open her eyes".

On the right you see my first batch of handmade soap. It's very exciting to make, and now we have dozens of bars of soap lying around curing.

Cousin Connection

On the left, George at Gisele's birthday party. On the right, Anne at swim class.

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