It's the End of the World as We Know it
These are trying times, my friends. The happy memories of Gisele's joyous birth are but a faded memory, and a harsh reality has set in. The name of this harsh reality? Colic. And it grows worse by the day...

A Troubled Conscience?
As Gisele sleeps, her brow is furrowed as if something is bothering her. Is it guilt for making her mommy's life a living hell? Maybe she's fretting that she'll be written out of the will. In spite of these concerns, there's just something irresistable about bouncing in mommy's arms as she hops from foot to foot singing "Rock a by Baby" over and over again.

Muwahaha! I've got her right where I want her!
Once a day or so, Gisele will stop crying long enough to laugh maniacally. It will soften mommy and daddy's heart for a moment as it wipes their memories clean. Memories that consist of unconsolable crying and little else. But there are other memories: those of neglecting to bathe Gisele for 2 weeks, treating her blocked tear duct and thrush at the same time, and, who could forget, daddy dropping Gisele by "accident".

In spite of the havoc Gisele's wreaking on our lives, she's managing to put on a nice layer of blubber. At 2 months she weighed 14 lbs. and was 24" long (both measurements were above the 97th percentile). During the day she is never out of mommy's arms, and at night she sleeps in the bed. Ah yes, she has them right where she wants them...

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