Weiner's Art Gallery
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This is a cable knit scarf that I made while on bedrest in 2007.

This is a treehouse that I made for Gisele for Christmas 2005. I didn't make the furniture inside, though.

A product of my latest hobby: dollmaking! These are "Waldorf" dolls, which means that they are made from natural materials.

A small, soft doll that is appropriate for Gisele.

A walnut clock I made for Ranida and Luke's marriage.

A Mother's Day picture I painted. It's an aquatic scene.

I made this walnut bookcase slowly over the last year. I finally got around to the stained glass part of it and am so glad I'm done.

To keep the summer sun out of our apartment, I made these window coverings. They slide back and forth like a window and have a mural that I "ahem" copied from somewhere.

This is Auntie Pat and Uncle Harry's former cabin in Lac Lu, Ontario. They've built a new cabin in it's place and this painting commemorates the old one.

A cherry lamp with a Frank Lloyd Wright design

A cherry side table I made for myself

A maple high chair for George

A cane I made for Auntie Anne

A lamp with a maple base

The fir cabinetthat I made in my woodworking class

A lamp with a maple base

A stained glass lamp I made for my electricity class.
There's a circuit board underneath it!

A stained glass lamp (with mirror reflection)

A portrait of Snowy and a 1933 Atwater Kent 165 radio

A Bunny named Pumpkin

 A Portrait of Nels in glass

What $70 of glass will buy you (It's 30" long)

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