Cornell Reunion 2001
Go Big Red!

Cornellians, desperate to relive better days, gathered in Ithaca this June. Although less than 15% of the class showed up, most of weiner's inner circle were there. Pictured above are weiner, Abe, Dawn, Xiao Qin, and Mick. Not pictured are the cases of wine purchased on this tour of the Cayuga wineries.

After the winery tour, we stumbled around the precipice of Taughanock Falls. There were so many pictures being taken, it was difficult to get a shot that didn't feature someone taking a picture. Here are Susie and Mei Mei resting their dogs while their livers work overtime.

Another urge that needed to be fulfilled was found in the Commons. Dawn, XQ, Susie, and Josiah all desired the pure sugar rush that "Home Dairy" bakery could provide. Susie's pulse quickened as she thought about the cinnamon rolls while Dawn's mouth salivated for the frosted half and half cookies. Weiner went to Oasis, the veggie friendly grocer and was disappointed by the tahini sunflower vegan cookies.

Speaking of desires that must be fulfilled, Ranida brought to the reunion her longtime boy toy, Luke. He is apparently still under Ranida's spell, for try as I might, I could not tempt him. Here they are seen eating at the fancified RPCC.

On the last morning of the reunion the tablecloths came off the tables in the class of '96 tent and breakfast was much more spartan than the previous one in RPCC. So we made ourselves comfortable in the Dickson courtyard on Dawn's "Empire Strikes Back" blanket. Sobbing, we all said goodbye once again and promised to meet in 5 years for the 2006 reunion.

Just a li'l bit o' paradise

The second part of our journey takes the weiner and gang to Manice Environmental Center in the Berkshires. Dawny is the director here and she runs this camp for kids. The pond pictured is not much bigger than it appears and I'm not sure how much canoeing can be done on it.

Pictured in this symphony of acoustic guitars are Dawn, Bennett, and Josiah. Even though the director lives above the shop, she still gets some down time once the kids are sleeping in their tents. This is Dawn's room and it's shockingly large when you consider that all the other employees sleep in tents. Bennett is a friend who works nearby and Josiah came up with Susie to help build a tent platform. Fools!

This is Dawn and her kitty, Pounce. Pounce is a city cat who's just discovered the outdoors. Now she's addicted and mews constantly to go outside.

Soon, the party was over and the guests were put to work. The setting was a damp, buggy, spot and we were soon cursing the direktor, the mosquitoes, and most of all, ourselves. Here, Josiah is fleeing the bugs and Dawn is seen pitching in.

Susie wasn't even planning on coming to Manice, but found herself mixing concrete in this li'l bit o' heaven on earth. She also dug holes and led us in spirit-rousing songs.

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