The Nelson-Gillot household left their beloved neighborhood in Mission Hills to try their hands at suburban living. We bought a condominium in Rancho Bernardo in March. In the picture above you can see our open 1 car garage and our balcony and living room windows. We have the front section of the second floor. There are 2 other condos in the building. It's new, 1000 sf, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and has solar panels! No yard, but lots of lovely parks in the adjacent community of $1,000,000 homes. It isn't a very, shall we say, diverse population that we now live amongst, but we are close to Nels' work. Below you can see the general area where we are located.

Here is a floor plan of our house:


Living Room

Dining Room


View from balcony

Local park

Another neighborhood park

The same lumpy park

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