Do not Pass Go
As predicted by some, Annick and Mike's second baby arrived well before her due date of April 9th. She was born on March 22nd and was a surprising 9 lbs., 2 ounces. She was given the auspicious name Anne Margaret. And little Anne is already well on her way to Hollywood stardom; she's bulimic. Read below about how girls are succumbing to Tinsle Town's weight obsession at younger and younger ages.

A Star is Born
Annick went into labor in the middle of the night. She started having contractions, and then went to the hospital where she proceeded to have a picture perfect delivery. Aided by her doula, Jane, and her loving husband Mike, Annick labored for less than 12 hours. She managed to forgo the epidural and had an all natural birth. Fortunately, her labor was short and she only had to push 3 times to squeeze Anne out. In fact, Anne skidded out of the birth canal so fast that the nurse had to run into the hallway to grab a passing doctor to deliver her. The doctor was in plain clothes and had her son with her (she wasn't working that day), so her son had to wait outside the room while his mom delivered Anne. It was just perfect. And no, Annick did not defecate on the delivery table.

How has George reacted to this little invader? With love and kisses. He's very fond of Anne already, and only occasionally gives in to his baser instinct to kill her. I, myself, witnessed him gleefully drop a heavy blanket onto her face over and over again. But mostly he ignores her in favor of his new obsession: collecting all the trains in the Thomas the Train set.

Anne ravenously tries to eat her hand

Heartache on the Homefront
Now, onto Anne's body image problem. It all started with her amazingly robust birth weight and her subsequent startling weight gain. We all knew she was putting on the l-b's; those double chins don't lie, but we were unprepared for the cold, hard numbers. At her 1 month appointment, Anne already weighed in at 11 pounds, 5 ounces. Anne's weight loss options were limited; she couldn't exercise, and she didn't want to diet (that breastmilk tastes heavenly), so her only choice was to binge and purge. She'll often eat and eat and eat until her tiny tummy can hold no more, and then throw it all up. The sad part is that it's not working. She's still gaining. And the question remains: where will it end? Will Anne one day weigh 30 pounds? 50 pounds? Dear lord, 100 pounds?!

Anne is in all other respects a perfect baby. She's very quiet and doesn't speak unless spoken to, and she sleeps well. She just figured out, at 6 weeks, how to turn herself over, so she's ahead of the development curve. She's beginning to smile. And that's something we can all smile about.

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